LC Food Distributor was founded in 1987 with the main objective of being in the right moment and right place for delivering our products to each of our costumers; satisfying their dynamics expectations. LC Food’s great success in the market has been the result of the great knowledge of our customers, a solid financial base, and our philosophy of investment in brands in a long term through an integrated marketing. The great reputation of the company has been the outcome of our reliability, efficiency, and our costumers’ attention.

LC Food Distributor has its administrative and operative locations in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Mission

LC Food Distributor’s mission is the sustainable distribution of products for Tex Mex restaurants located in the south of United States of America. Always serving with suitability, efficiency, and good service with our permanent incorporation of the most efficient sales techniques and marketing. Constantly ,looking to satisfy our consumers with their needs, and the improvement of LC Food Distributor’s work force and a strong management team.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be a top distributor company for Tex Mex restaurants. In a manner that generates the satisfaction of our customers, vendors, and stockholders; whose will recognize us for being an ethical company in all aspects. LC Food Distributor looks for a complete fulfillment in all the commercial laws; creating confidence, thrust, and continuous innovation.

Corporate Citizenship

  • Respect: We listen, understand, and appreciate the ideas and beliefs of our customers, stockholders, govern, team work, and community in general.

  • Service actitude: We offer a kind treatment and an open assistance to our customers; offering our services and answering on time their requirements.

  • Team Work: we are a human work force, that works to gain the greatest satisfaction from our customers. Also, our team’s aims are the achievement of the company’s goals.

  • Compromise: We accept our actions and compromises with honesty, clarity, justice, effort, and dedication; generating great acceptance from our customers.

  • Responsibility: We work with caution, attention, and fulfillment of all our processes.

  • Honesty: We performed each operation with fairness and integrity.